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Regardless of where you are located in Washington State, King Paralegals can help you with your divorce or other family law document needs. King Paralegals is experienced not for just in King County. For the most part, there are some procedural differences between the counties, but not many document differences. King Paralegals' primary service focus is for King County, Washington. King Paralegals secondary service focus is for Snohomish, Pierce, and Clark Counties of Washington State.

King Paralegals' service locations are listed below. Just keep in mind that even if you live right next store, you will still have to fill out the questionnaire on a computer, typed, and emailed back in the same format. This does not mean typing it, printing it, and scanning it before it is emailed back. Your completed documents will be emailed back to you.

Location of where you and the paralegal are does not matter, it is where your case is. With today's technologies of email, scanners, and smart phones, we are all connected. King Paralegals makes use of all available technology to simplify the process of interacting with clients and getting the work done.

Fixed fees are based in large part that the questionnaire is returned in the format it was sent in. By format I mean, if it is sent to you in Word, return it in Word. If it is sent in HTML, return it the same way, in the body of the email. The goal is to not have to retype your questionnaire. We will have to charge you the hourly rate for typing your information in for you in addition to the fee if the questionnaire is not returned in the same format.

I am providing some useful links or other information on each of the city pages I have provided for you below. These are service areas, not office locations.

Bellevue Service Area. Located 25 minutes from Shoreline, Washington. Don't bother commuting to Seattle for your document filings, we do it for you.

Bothell Service Area. Located 19 minutes from Shoreline, use to be the epicenter if illegal spirits during prohibition.

Kenmore Service Area. Located 14 minutes from Shoreline.

Kirkland Service Area. Located 17 minutes from Shoreline, birth place of Costco and their signature Kirkland brand. 10% discount on all fixed fee document services for Costco members and employees.

Redmond Paralegal Service Area. Located 27 minutes from Shoreline. Redmond has a bit of a commute issue to the down Seattle Courthouse. Luckily, Redmond has the most tech savvy people in the state, which puts them an email distance away from my keyboard. 10% discount to all Microsoft employees.

Seattle Paralegal Service Area. Located adjacent to Shoreline. North Seattle is the collaboration of a dozen neighborhoods that have the feel of an equal amount of cities. Perfect skyline, the space needle, Pike Place Market, lots and lots of mountains and water.

Shoreline Paralegal Service Area. The bulls eye of service locations is between Shoreline and Bothell as far as commuting.

Edmonds Paralegal Service Area. Divorce and Child Custody Paralegal Service area.

We also have a 5% discount on our fixed document fees for all Boeing employees.

Like and share on Facebook for 5% off fixed document fees. Discounts are combinable.

King paralegals prepares documents for family law cases, divorce, child support, parentage, third party custody, relocation, parenting plan for custody and visitation, contempt, and many other family law document services for the greater Seattle Area. When King Paralegals finishes your documents, they will be emailed back to you in PDF. Even if you were my roommate, you have to email the QA back and answer the questions via email (documentation).

King Paralegals also provides case preparation services for discovery, organizing, analyzing, summarizing, attorney referral, and trial and arbitration.

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King Paralegals Family Law Attorney and Paralegal Services for North King County WA, including Seattle Redmond Bothell Kirkland Kenmore Shoreline Bellevue Renton. King Paralegals provides services for family law document preparation for the surrounding Lake Washington area.