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Establish Parentage Paralegal Document Services. Have King Paralegals prepare your petition for deciding (establishing) parentage and other supporting documents for King County Superior Court. Establishment of parentage is necessary when father has not signed a birth certificate or acknowledgement of paternity. These actions are started often when either a party seeks a parenting plan, child support, or both.

Establish Paternity Paralegal Document Services. This type of action is when the father is objecting to signing an acknowledgment of paternity. Once testing comes back this case heads down the path of establishing parentage. The two types of documents are combined as a general rule under a petition to decide parentage.

Petition for Parenting Plan Paralegal Document Services. When child support has been obtained, this is a possible type of case for obtaining a parenting plan. Most often it is the father initiating this action.

Petition to modify a parenting plan. The action I am describing here is not to modify an actual parenting plan that already exists. You would use this type of action when DCS or court order has set child support and made the mother the custodial parent for the sole purpose of calculating child support and ordering that the father is the obligor. Although it starts with the same form, it is a different animal then modifying an actual parenting plan.

Motion for a Parenting Plan. This is the method of getting a parenting plan for unmarried parents when they don't qualify for any of the other methods above.

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