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This page is intended to be a quick summary of case preparation services provided by King Paralegals. For more information, follow the links, an inside look never hurts. I have tried to keep it understandable without too much detail.

Case Preparation Paralegal Service. King County Paralegal Services provides the retrieving and organizing and gathering of information to prepare your documents for trial, arbitration, mediation, or to begin your case. It involves discovery, analyzing that discovery, and taking what you learned and preparing for trial. It is not enough to know the pieces, you need to know how they fit together.

Discovery Process. Interrogatories, request for production of documents, depositions, the retrieving of the pieces to the puzzle.

Organize, Summarize and analyze Service. King County Paralegal Services will organize, summarize and analyze documents, exhibits and other discovery for case, trial, or arbitration preparation. When King Paralegals is completed this service, the way in which the pieces of the puzzle fit together are realized. The puzzle begins to tell the story.

Trial and Arbitration Preparation Service. King County Paralegal Services prepares your documents and makes you aware of critical deadlines and procedures. This service provided by King Paralegals makes use of the story the puzzle has told.

Case Preparation Referral Services. King County Paralegal Services provides the retrieving, organizing, researching, analyzing, and summarizing of information and documents to prepare your case, documents, and you for pro se (do it yourself) or prepared for an attorney referral.

Thousands of dollars can be saved if you are prepared, organized, and savvy before you meet with an attorney. Being prepared for an attorney by King County Paralegal Services saves the attorney time, reduces the chances that any information may be overlooked or unknown to them, and certainly saves you money. In short, do not prepare to fail by failing to prepare.

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