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King Paralegals prepares documents for child support modification. Modifying child support in King County Superior Court of Washington state is trial by affidavit only. Each party only gets ten minutes to present oral argument, so it is very wise to cover all points concisely and thoroughly in your affidavit and any other supporting and supplemental documents.

King County has special rules specific to King County if you are trying to obtain a temporary order of child support while waiting for your trial date. In King County, you have to prove a need to get a temporary order signed by the court, and simply the fact that your support will ultimately be increases is insufficient reason.

To modify child support in Snohomish County uses mandatory arbitration where you use a prehearing statement of proof.

In some ways, the way that King County Superior Court handles child support modifications is similar to that of Snohomish County. The affidavit is not totally unlike a prehearing statement of proof that is required and laid out in the state and local MARs. The major difference the rules for oral presentation at arbitration in Snohomish County and the trial by affidavit in King County.

In both Washington State counties, it all starts by filing a minimum amount of required documents. If the minimum documents are not filed in regards to secondary support, the filing of the action would possibly not be considered timely and would ultimately be dismissed. Attention to detail as always is critical.

If you do not like the way DCS is trying to modify your support, then take the case to superior court with King Paralegals help.

Reasons for modifying a current order of child support usually fall into two categories, a party is either seeking to lower the support or otherwise reduce child support, or a party is seeking to raise or get more child support.

Go with the experience of King Paralegals for your child support document needs, the complexities of the documents and procedures to get it done are quite complex in King County, Washington. Different laws apply to the different variables stated above, different rules apply to different counties and circumstances as well.

There are the other variables mentioned elsewhere on our site, such as the type of parties involved, divorced, divorcing, unmarried, and nonparents. The combination of a lock with three number has many possibilities. Add to that the much higher quantities of variables of child support law, and you should get an idea of how unique and complicated each different case is.

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