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Family law attorneys for help with not agreed divorces where the issues are contested, petition to decide parentage when there is no birth certificate with the father or an acknowledgment signed, object to relocation of a child when you have been served a notice, child custody cases involving where the child will reside a majority of the time, contempt of parenting plan when the other party is not complying with the provisions contained within your parenting plan, and contempt of child support for non payment of the transfer payment or other provisions within the child support order.

Helmut Kah, family law attorney

Michael Lang, family law attorney

Service locations of family law attorneys North King County, Washington

Seattle family law attorney service area.

Bellevue family law attorney service area.

Shoreline family law attorney service area.

Bothell family law attorney service area. King Paralegals Referral local for those in Bothell looking for an attorney that practices law in King County Courts. It is not about where you or your attorney are located, it is all about where your case is located.

Kenmore family law attorney service area.

Kirkland family law attorney service area.

Redmond family law attorney service area.

Renton family law attorney service area.

Attorneys who practice family law for King County are encouraged to apply to be listed King Paralegals of Washington State. A complete listing has your contact information on as many as 83 Google indexed webpages.

King Paralegals marketing target for service areas cities is primarily the greater Lake Washington Area of King County, Washington north of I-90.

If you wish to be listed on our attorney referral, please email us or call 425-599-0085.

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King Paralegals Family Law Attorney and Paralegal Services for North King County WA, including Seattle Redmond Bothell Kirkland Kenmore Shoreline Bellevue Renton. King Paralegals provides services for family law document preparation for the surrounding Lake Washington area.