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A cross between anger, desperation, and fear. This is what you look like when you are trying to convince somebody that the case worker at DCS is trying to help you (the paying parent). This is what you look like to a DCS case worker too. Think about it, little bit angry around the edges of the mouth, and that confusion and utter fear in the eyes. That sudden realization that you are lion food. This particular monkey was very upset when that lion was taking all of his bananas, really upset, down right mad. Then, the realization struck that you seen in this picture.

Can't afford to take an attorney with you to your DCS hearing in King or Snohomish County in Washington State? Whether you are in North King County or Snohomish County of Washington State, King Paralegals can help with your DCS child support issue. Have an experienced child support paralegal help you prepare for your hearing in King or Snohomish County in Washington State. If you cannot afford the child support that you are paying and need to pay less child support in order to meet your basic necessities of life, possibly you can get it reduced through a modification.

Possibly you are the party that is receiving child support and the other party is trying to reduce it, but you know they earn more than they are stating. In such cases it may be that modifying support to get more child support is possible. Don't assume their story of earnings is not disprovable.

It don't matter if your DCS case is out of Snohomish County yet you are in Redmond, King Paralegals can help you get ready for your DCS hearing or conference board or prepare documents or other responses to DCS's requests.

Have a paralegal help with your child support DCS hearing for child support, making you more prepared to help get a fair outcome of child support monthly payment or arguing about back child support. Sometimes, it is better to take proactive action and simply file your own action in King County Superior Court of Washington State to modify child support. Once the documents are filed with the clerk, DCS is silenced other than collecting on support that is due as a result of that order obtained in Superior Court. If you are the paying parent, do not think that DCS is your friend or they are trying to help you. For collection and book keeping purposes they are great, but it pretty much stops there in my opinion.

Paralegal assistance for DCS hearing or other family law document preparation fees in WA.

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