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An agreed divorce does not mean that both parties simply agree to end the marriage. Both parties must agree on all of the issues contained in the divorce documents for Washington State. The main issues vary depending on whether the parties have children, don't have children, have assets, liabilities, or one of them is requesting spousal support. An agreed divorce means that the parties agree on all the issues of their divorce.

If either of you are not in agreement on all of the issues, you should see the divorce paralegal services main page to decide which type of divorce service best suits you. The main page should give you some ideas with the hope for agreed divorce, almost agreed divorce, and not agreed divorce pages.

If you are not agreed on any of the issues, King Paralegals not agreed divorce paralegal services may be where you start. King Paralegals can work with attorney and does have some attorney referrals on this site.

Divorce Paralegal Services With Children Agreed Document Preparation. When there are children involved, there are five main areas in which both parties must be in total agreement for this tailored made service. The five major areas of divorce with children are property and assets, debts and liabilities, parenting plan, child support, and maintenance (spousal) support.

The parties should be in total agreement on who gets what assets. Assets include houses, boats, cars, furniture, tools and any other personal possessions (guns, lawnmowers, jewelry), bank accounts, pensions, 401Ks, etc.

Agreed divorces must be both parties in agreement on how they are dividing liabilities and debts in their divorce documents. Dissolution liabilities and debts include car loans, mortgages, credit cards, back taxes, personal loans, lines of credit, etc. Anything that you owe money or make payments to on a regular bases that has a balance, this includes even gym memberships.

The spousal support (maintenance) should be agreed upon. The issues of spousal support, whether there will or won't be any should be agreed upon. If there is to be spousal support, the parties need to agree upon how much per month the party shall receive, the payment date of that amount each month, and how long (how many months) that party shall receive the support.

The parenting plan needs to be agreed upon. All aspects of the parenting plan need to be agreed upon, but the majors ones are where there are points of conflict most frequently. The main issues are who gets custody, allocation of parenting time, decision making, and how to exchange the child between the parties at the beginning and end of the parenting time. A parenting plan paralegal at King Paralegals can help you get your parenting designed to me your needs.

Child support order details must be agreed upon. A child support paralegal can help you with calculating the monthly transfer payment, which is usually the main focus of the parties. There are also the issues of extraordinary expenses and decision making.

Agreed Divorce Paralegal Services Without Children Document Preparation. When there are no children involved, there are three main areas in which both parties must be in total agreement in order to utilize the fixed fee services. The three major areas of divorce without children are property, debt, and maintenance support. There other minor areas such as name change too, but little details that the parties generally agree on. These three issues are addressed above in the divorce with children.

King Paralegals will help you get your documents filed and take care of pretty much any of your other needs to get your divorce going. If you live in Bothell and the other party lives in North Seattle, the courthouse you file your documents will depend on whether you are in the King County side of Bothell or the Snohomish County side.

For King County Superior Court of the State of Washington there are two different courthouses that are possible are the ones you file at. All of our listed services locations (including Bellevue) are for the downtown Seattle courthouse.

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