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Often when relocating the children, it becomes impossible or impractical to follow the existing parenting plan. This results in a need for a parenting plan modification so as to modify the existing parenting plan to reflect the new location of the children and the proximity of the parents residences. Possibly a parent wants to modify child support to accommodate the sharing of long distance transportation expenses. It is possible to even move the weekends that are no longer possible to have the children to time periods such as school breaks and summer for extended time during those times when the children are not in school.

An intended relocation of children often draws on the expertise of a custody paralegal when a parent believes that it is in the best interest of the child to not move, and instead change custody from one household to the household that is not moving. This custody action by the parent that disagrees is know as an objection to relocation.

As you can see, you may well need the expertise of a paralegal that is well versed in child support, parenting plans, relocation, and custody laws to properly complete your documents for you, your attorney, or an attorney that offers unbundled services of family law. King Paralegals has extensive experience in relocation of children cases.

Notice of child relocation document preparation fees. There is a wide spectrum of cases variables in child relocation issues, so the fee for document production depends on the variables of your case.

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