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Parenting Plan Modification Paralegal King County Seattle WA

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King County Paralegal Services can help you with preparing documents for minor modifications, medium modification, or major modifications of your parenting plan. Parent plan modifications must have the need to modify them proved because courts are not happy with changing them unless they are convinced of the necessity and that there is adequate cause to change it.

A Petition to Change a Parenting Plan is the name of the plain language forms that cam out last May of 2016. Formerly, they were known as Petition to Change a Parenting Plan. This type of action is considered a major modification of the parenting plan the objective is to change the primary residence where the child resides most of the time, a changing of the custodial parent. King Paralegals can prepare all of your documents for a major modification of the parenting plan, including child support.

Minor modifications of the parenting plan change not more than 24 days of allocated parenting time per year.

Medium modifications are more than 24 days per year of change, but the primary residence of the parenting plan does not change. There may or may not be a change in decision making.

Changes in decision making can sometimes complicate the process with the proving of the need to change it, and any changes have much more significant impacts than you might think.

A major modification (change) of the parenting plan when the residence of the child will change is a custody issue that involves changing child support too.

Parenting plan modification paralegal fees King County WA.

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