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Discovery Interrogatories, Request for Production of Documents, and the Subpoena. Discovery is a two way street, with your side requesting for the production of documents and the other side doing the same. Discovery can be a time intensive critical process. Your side has to carefully craft and draft interrogatories to serve on the other party that they have to answer in 30 days. If they do not answer and supply the documents you have requested, you will have to do a motion to compel answers to discovery.

Interrogatories are questions that the other side has to answer, generally within 30 days. Along with interrogatories there are usually a request for the production of documents, as in give us copies of what we asked for.

King Paralegals is experienced in both drafting discovery and answering discovery served on our client by the other party. The gathering of all the documents by the client to answer can be quite a time consuming task, but nearly that of the paralegals. So much happens unseen.

Once a client gathers up all the documents and answers the questions, it is typical that all the discovery for the case needs more preparation in the form of organizing and summarizing the information and data.

Once the other party answers and provides our client with the discovery we requested, that information and documents we receive back goes through the same process. Discovery can make or break a case that you are preparing for trial. Strategy is born from discovery and implemented at trial or negations. Once the discovery work is completed for referral to an attorney, if that is the route you decide, the savings can be immense for that attorney's time. It is important to have a paralegal experienced in the discovery process of King County.

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