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Prepare your paperwork with the help of a paralegal to file for divorce when not agreed.

You are not close to agreement on the issue of your divorce but may feel a need to file immediately to protect your assets, get child support, a parenting plan granting custody, or orders that grant other relief.

Along with the initial documents that start your case, you may want to file documents that request the court grant you temporary relief. When the other side is not willing to act fairly or responsibly, do not think there is nothing you can do about it. Courts grant temporary relief all the time when your documents are prepared properly, filed, and served. King Paralegals can help you navigate and stay the course with the filing of motions for temporary orders. A trial preparation paralegal is skilled at all the tasks to help you get a fair outcome.

In the event you cannot agree, your case will move on towards trial. King Paralegals can help you prepare for trial, with discovery if necessary.

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