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Return Policy:

You cannot return a service that has been rendered, therefore, there are no returns. You are not buying a book, you bought time, and it is not possible to return time in the condition it was borrowed.

Refund Policy:

There are absolutely no refunds once work has started. Many of our services are a flat fee, but often the amount of time that it takes to do a clients paperwork exceeds the flat fee by a considerable amount of time. The flat fees are at a greatly reduced cost per hour. We rely on an averaging system to insure that our time expended does not exceed the worth of the total clients; this allows us to keep costs down while staying profitable. On rare occasions, there have even been clients that "change there minds " when there paperwork has already been fully completed, with 100% of the work done. In short, much time has already been expended before the results are visible to a client, and we must be paid for our time.


If there are any mistakes in your documents, we will fix the defects at no charge, however, this does not include mistakes that you made in the information that you provided us. Although the occurrence is rare, if we make a mistake that require documents to be re-filed, our policy is that we correct the mistake to insure you have everything you need to complete the filing of your documents at no additional charge. This does not include revisions due to mistakes you made.

Other terms and conditions of Services:

If you make a mistake or simply wish to change one single document, we will make the correction or change to any single document within reason free of charge as long as the correction is simple typo type of correction. This does not include completely rewriting a declaration or parenting plan, we are referring to a simple change such as a few sentences of text. Make sure that the information you provide us is correct; there could be one piece of information that effects many documents or calculations that effect many documents. The charge for changes is a minimum of $25 per document. It shall be assumed that you have read all of our Policies.

Additional Local Information:

Family law document and form preparation is available for most of Washington state for the surrounding areas of:

King County in Washington State.

Including the city areas of:

Paralegal document services King County WA for Seattle 98115, Seattle 98103, Seattle 98133, Seattle 98105, Seattle 98118, Seattle 98125, Seattle 98198, Seattle 98168, Seattle 98155, Seattle 98122, Seattle 98117, Seattle 98144, Seattle 98146, Seattle 98178, Seattle 98106, Seattle 98108, Seattle 98116, Seattle 98107, Seattle 98112, Seattle 98119, Seattle 98102 in Washington State.

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